"Summer Town" project is to meet the most important goals of Agenda 2030.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network program was established in 2004, and its overarching goal is to support the cooperation of those cities that recognize creativity and the development of creative industries as a strategic factor of sustainable development.

The city of Bydgoszcz, expressing the willingness to participate in the program, also recognized it as the overriding goal, and submitting an application to the Creative Cities Network is the city’s declaration, which is also an expression of acceptance of the key role of culture as a leading factor in social change.

The Municipal Centre of Culture in Bydgoszcz wants to implement UNESCO's missions through the implementation of the program entitled Summer Town.

We invite all cultural institutions in Bydgoszcz, non-governmental organizations, non-affiliated cultural activists, artistic agencies and artists themselves to this program - together we want to create activities aimed at striving for the well-being of the modern world.

Thanks to the cooperation of many entities, we are able to redefine the concept of culture as a carrier of values not only in the strictly cultural sense - involved in social problems and processes, but also a culture responsible for the fate of humanity, the fate of the planet, and a culture that proclaims loudly about the problems of inequality, poverty and the need for rapid change due to climate and deteriorating environmental conditions. A culture that really influences the decisions of politicians, local governments and business people.

The project itself is an integrated activity of all entities involved in it - thus it is a product of the potential of Bydgoszcz culture, whose axis and common denominator is music, in a broad and interdisciplinary way that touches the main message and goals of Agenda 2030.

The Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz proposes participation in building a contemporary cultural program focused around these areas indicated by UNESCO in the form of activities in the summer (four / five holiday weekends). Through culture and art, we want to convey ideas that are the most important goals of activities for all members of the Creative Cities Network. It will also be a clear signal that Bydgoszcz and Bydgoszcz cultural institutions, artists and other entities are joining the UNESCO global project.

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